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About the Jim Quinn Award

The Jim Quinn award is given annually to recognize a person for their outstanding dedication to helping the sport of Beep Baseball.

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Jim Quinn Award Recipients

The list of Jim Quinn award recipients are:

The Legacy of Jim Quinn

The Legacy of Jim Quinn.

As one of the founders of the NBBA, Jim Quinn was considered one of the best players in the history of the NBBA. Known as the "Ted Williams" of Beep Baseball, Mr. Quinn was a powerful hitter and an all around good athlete. More importantly, Jim Quinn was the embodiment of the NBBA goal of enabling those who were blind or sight impaired to reach their full potential through participation in athletic competition. Jim Quinn's life is a model for all of us.

A gifted athlete before he lost his sight to Diabetes, Jim did not shy away from any challenge. His love of sports enabled him to overcome his impairment and lead his life to the fullest. An award given to Jim Quinn in 1975 sums up how much he was admired and why this award is given in his honor. It said, " Jim Quinn. A man whose blindness only made him a bigger winner". This is the essence of Jim Quinn. He is a role model for us all and this is why the Jim Quinn Award was so named.

The Jim Quinn Award is the National Beep Baseball Association's (NBBA) most prestigious honor and is presented each year at the NBBA World Series of Beep Baseball to the individual who best exemplifies the spirit of Jim Quinn.

The spirit of Jim Quinn is that of courage and humility, of leadership by example and deed, inspiration by overcoming adversity and by always giving 100% effort, sportsmanship and dedication to promoting sports for the visually impaired.

Jim Quinn's positive impact on the lives of others both during his lifetime and now is his lasting legacy. His greatness lives through this award and each recipient is the torch bearer of his legacy.

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