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No sport is complete without a place to list and pay tribute to it's players, coaches and teams, the heroes of the game; The ones we admire. The Beep Baseball Hall of Fame was concieved to perform the following functions:

    1. Collect and store certain types of information on a long term basis about the game and the people who have contributed to the game both on and off of the field of competition.
    2. Develop a system to award those who have made outstanding contributions to the game of Beep Baseball both on and off of the field of competition during their careers.
    3. Developing a Location. Due to the nature of the information being kept, the hall of fame will reside on the NBBA web site with perhaps a backup file at the office or home of the hall of fame ommittee chairperson or data collector. Once the hall is established it may also be possible to have a display at a permanent location. Also a traveling display might be useful for future promotion and outreach.

In order to sustain our records, the following items will be required when submitting information from a tournament to the Hall of Fame committee:

  • Team names and players rosters.
  • List of all tournament players, both offense and defense as well as MVPs.
  • List of pitcher and spotter statistics including award winners.
  • Complete score sheets or box scores for all games played.

Data will be collected and accepted each year from the following sources.

  • The NBBA Nationals or Beep Baseball World Series.
  • Any tournament or Beep Baseball competition between or involving NBBA teams.

At the conclusion of a competition the required information should be forwarded to the Hall of Fame committee as soon as possible. Please include a letter listing the dates and location of the tournament or competition along with the required information listed above. Tournament information needs to be submitted to the NBBA Hall of Fame committee by September 30th of each year. If you posess any tournament information from past seasons pleas submit it to the Hall of Fame committee. Send all information to:

Chairmain of the Hall of Fame Committee
Kevin Barrett
5175 Evergreen Drive
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070
Phone: (216) 779-1025

The NBBA Hall of Fame Committee

The Hall of Fame-committee or selection committee is made up of two parts. The standing part is made up of the committee chairperson, the hall data keeper and two NBBA Board members. The remainder of the Hall of Fame committee shall consist of those members who wish to volunteer. Committee size will be 7 to 9 members.


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